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Southworks Slideshow

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20th Annual Art Exhibition

Opening Gala: Friday, April 10, 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Exhibits: April 10 through May 8, 2015


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SOUTHWORKS 2015: 20th Annual Juried Art Exhibit

OCAF Main Gallery

Southworks Juried Art Exhibit is a national juried art exhibition that OCAF has been holding for years. Since its inception, it has been one of the premier art exhibitions in the region as it brings in several hundred applications from talented artists across the nation. All the exhibit entries are judged in an anonymous fashion by the juror. This process requires each piece of artwork to be accepted or denied based solely upon the level of quality each piece exhibits in relation to the other entries.

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SOUTHWORKS 2015: Director's Choice Exhibit  
JAN PERKINS: Art, innovation & Technology
OCAF Members' Gallery

Jan Perkins is an internationally known artist and designer with unique skills, including both traditional and innovative techniques. Her Director's Choice exhibit features digital fine art and mixed media paintings

Combining traditional techniques with graphics technology, Perkins works exclusively from her personal collection of wildlife photography - beginning with the exhilarting experience of tracking and photographing the animal in their natural environments, and ending witha finished mixed media painting.

Using a digitizing tablet, professional software and a stylus brush, Perkins paints animal portraitures directly on an LCD screen, using precise hand movements and pressure-sensitive brush strokes. Once the "painting" is complete, it is printed on archival paper; enhanced through oils, pastels and natural materials; and encapsulated in a layered resin to heighten its dimensional quality and bring a tremendously modern and unique finish to an otherwise traditional subject.

"As a classically trained artist, this technology allows me to paint directly on the LCD screen in a naturally, intuitive style," Perkins says. "My painting technique begins the same as with an oil painting - from the initial sketch, to painting under-layers, creating a pallet, establishing the values of light and dark and ending with the finest details."

Perkins' love of animals and passion to capture them in their essence drives her current work. "This collection is not only about the art of technology, but about capturing and creating intimate portraits of the animals themselves,: Perkins said. "I truly believe it is what sets these works apart."

For more information, and to view more examples of Jan Perkins' work, visit her website at

Join JAN PERKINS for a gallery talk & demonstration on 'digital painting'.
Saturday, April 11,  10 AM to 12 Noon

About Digital Painting: Digital painting is an emerging art form that combines traditional painting techniques with the use of graphic technology, allowing the artist the luxury of integrated capabilities that is extraordinarily effcient and flexible. This collaboration is made possible with a digitizingf tablet, professional software and a stylus brush providing improved flexibility and increased control over brush styles, sizes and strokes with a range of colors that is simply not possible in traditional painting. Digital painting provides the artist with a broad range of tools, including a pallet with millions of colors and the ability to assemble layers that can be independently edited while alos charting a history of the work.

Watch for this year's SOUTHWORKS National Juried Art Exhibition, 2015 Award Winners


Previous Southworks Exhibits:


19th Annual National Juried Art Exhibition, 2014
Award Winners









Best in Show  

Evolution / Panspermia

Barbara Mann


Peridot, Diamond,Opal,Rock



1st Merit 2-D  

After Party

Mack Gingles

Charcoal on Rose Paper



1st Merit 3-D   

Moonlight Migration Totem

Janis Wilson Hughes




Merit Award    

Armando J. Bermudez Romero

Stanley Bermudez





Merit Award 

"Subtle Mutations, New Farmington Flora, For Nancy Jo"

LeeAnn Mitchell

Cast Iron



Merit Award

Mystic Haven

Clint Samples

Oil on Canvas



People's Choice Award 

Garden of Love

Joshua Johnson

Prismacolor on Paper



18th Annual National Juried Art Exhibition, 2013
Award Winners

Best in Show:

Manda McKay
Love You To Death
Oil on canvas,




Merit 2D:

Elizabeth Barton
Pump Baby Pump
Wall Quilt




Merit 3D:


Jorie Berman
Bulbous Figure
Stoneware and glaze






Additional Merit Awards:

Mary Porter        
Midnight on Hiawassee
Acrylic on canvas





Noah Saunders    
Sun Fighter
Galvanized steel wire





Ginger Goekjian    
Miss Mae’s Room





To see the artwork from the 2011 Southworks Exhibit , click here.